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Local Solar News

Maryland's legislature passed a community solar law in April 2015.  Read about it here.

Read our position opposing the Exelon merger proposal that appeared in the Baltimore Sun here.

Local community group follows our model in Greenbelt, Md. Read all about it:

A Climate-Change Activist Prepares for the Worst

A Sci-Fi Home:  'Net-Zero' House should produce as much energy as it uses

University of Maryland announces 631 KW Solar Project

Schools leading the solar trend

"Solar D.C.'s newest power couple" 

"The Challenges of taking a shine to solar energy" 

New laws make it easier for small power producers

Maryland Governor  approves legislation requiring the electric company to pay a lump amount for accrued generation credits under the Net Metering tariff  when solar facilities produce more energy than they use after 12 months.

MD Governor approves legislation requiring utilities to buy more power from solar energy sources.

Helping communities go green

Solar Power Reduces the Need for Major Transmission Line
Transmission Line.pdf

"Solar to the People"

University Park residents say, 'Let the sun shine in'

Scientific American on the Prospects of Solar

CUA to Announce Installation of Largest Solar-Energy System in D.C.

University of Maryland will install solar panels

Virginia Renewable Energy Rebate Program

Washington Post
Real Estate
Going Solar -- Local Co-Ops Can Help You Jump Through Hoops and Start Saving Energy