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Events and Member News 

Crowd Funding

One of the barriers we face as an LLC is the limit on the number of Members we can have, set by Maryland law following the SEC. However, a new idea is gaining traction, "crowd funding," and both houses of Congress passed a bill permitting it.  To join a discussion and get further information, click here: community power network forum

We are also supported a Maryland Bill, introduced by Senator Pinsky, that relaxes Maryland laws that constrain solar LLC's such as ours.  To read the current House and Senate versions click here: House and Senate Bills.  To obtain contact and other info, click here: Community renewable energy bill.

Step Up!   The Town of University Park Plans Next Steps for Energy Efficiency                 Another Christmas, another Town tree virtual metering:

Solar Members at the Christmas Tree Lighting

                     Town Tree Lighting and "Virtual Metering"

University Park Elementary Solar Receives Biophysical Society Carbon Mitigation Award!!

The Biophysical Society Carbon Mitigation Committee voted unanimously to recommend two equal 2011 Carbon Mitigation Awards:  one to a global environmental organization, The Climate Trust, and one to a local Maryland organization, University Park Solar.  This recommendation continues its current policy of making one global and one local award.

During the week of March 7, 2011 the Society met in Baltimore.  The committee presented its recommendation to the Biophysical Society Executive Board, and the board unanimously voted to approve the recommendation.  University Park Solar has recently received this monitary award and will invest it in our next solar project. 

The Washington Business Journal's 2010 "Green Business" awards breakfast was attended by over 100 representatives of DC area businesses of all sizes.  We were among 150 nominees and were one of three finalists in the Visionary category.  Nominees were juried by expert panels and finalists selected by Washington Business Journal staff.  The Washington Business Journal has a section devoted to all the finalists, as does its web version at


The Power Purchase Agreement was signed April 25, 2010 by Church Board representatives and UPCS at the Church of the Brethren.

PPA Signing


Other News ......  

Nobel Prize Winner and the Big Bang UP Community Solar LLC Sponsors Local Nobel Laureate's Talk (click on the image, left)



Dave Brosch (l.) and Tom Eichbaum (r.) display our original logo.  We're now an LLC, not Co-op.


Solar Trailer to assist powering the Christmas Tree      Christmas LED lights & solar panels at night             Winter Setting  in University Park      Winter Setting  in University Park


Solar Member Richard Scorza discusses our solar projectsA UP Solar member discusses our project with a prospective 
member at the UP potluck dinner.   

Membership is open to any Maryland resident.