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From a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Politics to traveling and teaching English around the world, I am now a passionate energy conservation enthusiast.

My contribution to the forever plague of global warming and climate change is to preserve our beautiful world by empowering you the reader/buyer to make educated purchases on going green.

So, what is energy conservation? How does solar energy impact us? Change our lives, even?

Well, that’s where…US your savior – UP Solar, is here as your one-stop-shop for information, products and all you need to know on a green lifestyle.

We look to answer all your ongoing green questions and guide you towards making the best purchase while getting bang for your dollar.

We review, carefully choose, select and look at products that can power your home, office and all other spaces by using renewable energy sources.

Our dream for the future is to create a safer, cleaner environment for us to enjoy.

We would love to talk and connect with you.

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email : upsolar.universitypark@hotmail.com

By joining discussions in our comment section, you can immerse yourself with like-minded people and remember INFORMATION IS POWER!

Information is what we give you!

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