Must Have Solar Products For Your Home

Solar Products

On average, a US household spends $115 per month on its electricity bill. This is according to the US Energy Information Administration data for 2019. This is a lot for a household that doesn’t make money that much enough to pay for this amount of electricity bill. This is why households always think of ways to save energy and electricity. This includes installing quality insulation and turning off lights when not in use. The invention of solar panels gave households another great option to save money from the expensive electricity bills.

Solar products are simply those that are powered by sunlight. Solar panels can reduce your energy bills. You can also be highly dependent on them thus eliminating all your electricity bills. Solar panels are in fact a necessity in off-grid living. Another benefit of installing a solar panel on your house is earning tax credits and rebates. Solar products also help the environment since the energy coming from the sun is renewable. The energy coming from the solar panels is clean and pure. Having solar products is indeed very beneficial. Wondering which solar product to purchase? No worries. We bring you the must have solar products for your home.

1. Solar-Powered Dummy CCTV Cameras

These fake security CCTV cameras are from the brand Wali. They are powered by sunlight so you save money on electricity bills. Even though they don’t record and film things that are happening around your house, they still are a great security device. For only $30 you already get 4 fake CCTV cameras. You can place each of them in each corner of your house. They blink red lights while they’re running so that intruders won’t be able to tell if they are fake. These CCTV cameras are fake but effective in wooing away thieves from your house. When there is no sunlight, you can power them with AA batteries.


2. Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

These outdoor lights are solar-powered. They also are equipped with motion sensors. With this, you can tell if there are people outside your house and clearly see who they are. If you are outside your house, the motion sensor solar lights will be the ones to light up your way. These outdoor lights rely on sunlight to power up. This can help you save a small amount of money on your electricity bill. The lights can illuminate 270 degrees. They are waterproof so they will still work even under the rain. The package includes 4 outdoor lights which are enough to light up your decks and patios.


3. Emergency Hand Crank Radio with LED Flashlight

Radios and flashlights are essential items in your survival kit. In times when a strong typhoon causes disruption in electricity, then you need a radio and flashlight that is not dependent on electricity. This hand-crank radio is powered by sunlight. This means that you only need to place the radio under the sunlight for it to run. This is great for power outages and also for saving dollars from your electricity bill. You can plug it in to charge if you want. It comes with 3 LED lights and a 1000mAh phone charger which are both very reliable in times of total blackout. A 30-minute charge can already give you 2 hours of radio use.


4. Logitech MK750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

This keyboard comes with a mouse that is also wireless. This is actually a great invention. Imagine a keyboard that doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged. You can only get that with the Logitech MK 750. It’s a keyboard that is powered by light. The great part here is that you don’t need to place it outdoor under the sunlight for it to charge. You only need a bright light indoors to power it. The mouse, however, is powered by batteries. It comes with a USB receiver for wireless connection. Each charge of the keyboard can last up to 3 months. If you work under a bright light then expect no disruption in the functioning of your keyboard.


5. Portable Power Station

This portable power station is from the brand Jackery. This is a very well-known brand and their power station is really worth every dollar. You can also bring this with you when camping since it’s portable. The main use of this power station is to give you an alternative power source in case of power outages. You can also use this to charge your phones or power other small electric devices inside your house. This way, you can save money from too expensive electricity bills. It can charge up to 8 devices including your coffee maker, laptop, and mini-fridge. To charge the power station without having to plug it in you can purchase solar panels which is a separate expense.


6. Solar Attic Fan

The attic, basement, and garage are the most electricity-consuming parts of the house. During summer and winter, temperatures here can go extreme. When the weather is hot, you will need a fan that can keep these parts of your house cool. Attic fans can help. An attic fan inside your attic can help the place remain dry and cool despite sunny and rainy days. Because the attic is that part of your house nearest to the sun, you can just power the fan using sunlight. This fan comes with a solar panel, brackets, tabs, and wire needed for you to be able to set it up successfully.


7. Solar Fountain

Fountains can be powered by solar too. Why spend a dollar or two on the electric consumption of your fountain when you can run them for free This solar fountain is from the brand Mademax. It only needs 3 seconds under the sunlight for it to operate. It has a spray height of up to 70 cm. This is enough to brighten the mood in your garden and attract different species of birds in the summer. The 4 nozzles that this fountain comes with will allow you to choose from four different patterns. The fountain is easy to use. You just put it in the water.